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Temp Point Of Sales

Meet ROMPOS Retail, Online and Mobile business solutions

A brand of, Accelerated Technologies Holding Corporation, the stock symbol is A.T.H.C.

We specialize in Restaurants, Cafes, Deli’s, Food trucks, QSR’s, Retail, Salon and Spas.

User-friendly systems enable customers, kiosks, cashiers, waiters, busboys, multiple kitchen stations, warehousing, online portals, mobile applications and administrators to flawlessly interact based on user rights.

​Data is gathered and analyzed. Proprietary algorithms, machine learning, and artificial Intelligence analyze operational and performance data such as expenses, revenues, customers, staff and determine true P&L.

​Targeted marketing campaigns are generated, automated, implemented and launched direct to consumers, via social media, by way of promotion and announcements, invitations and simply saying “happy birthday” or “thank you for being a loyal customer”.

Understanding the formula to success of global conglomerates and the pain points of local small business operators, we engineered the most robust, sophisticated and affordable business processes solution.

  • Operational costs, fixed expenses and operational human errors are minimized.
  • Elimination of unnecessary operational tasks boosts profitability. All internal processes and communications become automated, optimized and digitized.
  • Digitization is key to faster service cycles. They are often reduced by 50%, which saves an average of 25 minutes per table. This increases seating capacities and brings more revenue during peak hours.
  • Inadequate technology budgets are no longer an issue. ROMPOS all-in-one empowers operators with the newest most robust cloud-based solutions.
  • Additional revenue provides capital for expenditures.
  • Marketing experts analyze data and launch automated campaigns using over 130 highly targeted marketing strategies. This promotes your brand online, manages reputation in social media and creates loyal customers.
  • Performance and costs are automatically monitored and controlled.

What are the benefits from using ROMPOS

  • Upon checkout, customers are encouraged to pay at the table. On average, 11 minutes is gained from each transaction.
  • Upon signing the bill, customers are prompted to rate the experience. Real-time alerts are sent to management in the event of Negative Ratings, providing an opportunity to right the wrong.
  • Upon checkout, customers are offered incentives to share their experience on social media.
  • Orders instantly transmitted to designated departments such as kitchens, bars, warehouses.
  • The bussing staff delivers orders to the waiter.
  • The waiter is kept near the tables and generates more sales.
  • Ready notifications eliminate guessing
  • No more paper
  • Providing your customer with a receipt via text or email
  • With each sale, the customer, employee, items sold, and other key factors are tracked
  • Don’t market steak to vegetarians and white wine to bourbon drinkers – micro-targeting guarantees results.