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Small Business

Accelerated Technologies Holding Corporation is a full-service technology company specializing in business processes and workflow management.

ATHC experts can provide the state of the art in all areas from payment technologies, point of sale options, custom programming and database integration, AI, and data science to branding, graphic design, and targeted marketing, and on demand support.

We start all projects by targeting the end results and expectations that our clients anticipate regarding work we perform on their behalf. Our exploratory process is intense. We only commit to reasonable expectations. We are passionate and dedicated. We are thinkers, visionaries, dreamers, FinTech experts, bankers, M&A specialists, web site designers, graphic artists, programmers, and marketing specialists. We work every day on solutions for SMB’s in many different industries. We have worked with SMB’s since 1995 in both private and public sectors and have the privilege to work with clients in every major industry. We pride ourselves on our expertise and technologies. We deliver.


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