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At Accelerated Technologies Holding Corp. (ATHC), we believe that your decisions deserve our attention. ATHC is the destination to discover professionals, guidance, cross marketing opportunities, industry trends and investments. From startups to the Fortune 1000, ask us. ATHC was founded and built with a unique and scalable approach to collect, leverage and contribute to a strong community venture capital partners, dynamic sales and marketing verticals and in-house data teams armed with powerful machine learning, data science, development, management and execution skills. Thanks to an amazing (and growing) team, we’re creating the single source of business intelligence.

Incubator and Consulting

Helping entrepreneurs transform,
execute and lead

By looking deeper into your project, ATHC brings effective strategies via unique structures and ways. Through management and leadership, disruption and innovation, our partners are able to transform your ideas from business plans to becoming market leaders.


Corporate Consulting for private and publicly traded companies

  • Vision
  • Strategy
  • Execution


  • Planning
  • Engineering
  • Deployment

Cyber Security

  • Installation
  • Maintenance

Venture Capital and Financing

  • Introduction
  • Consulting
  • Guidance