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Why Kiosks Work?

Give customers access to information, inventory availability, menus, queuing, promotional information and more. Kiosk technology is  becoming widely adopted. Kiosks provide for safer and faster checkout, order accuracy and reduce labor cost. Self-service kiosks reduce wait times, engage diners during the ordering process and facilitate more informed choices by displaying ingredient lists, substitutions, and modifiers. Paper printed, texted and emailed receipts expand on data collection for future marketing efforts.


Floor standing and wall mounted options  enable  business owners the ability to sell faster, sell more and market more aggressively.

Shorter Wait Times

A self-order kiosk is a  solution that puts your customers in control of the ordering and payment process. Self-service stations help reduce wait times moving customers and sending orders to destination as quickly as possible. Some people may still prefer to wait for a person. Today,  most people are comfortable with, and will even seek out, this self ordering option.

Higher average ticket size

The average ticket size for orders placed by kiosk are 35% larger than those taken by employees. Upselling and cross-sell opportunities are presented on every screen and with every transaction, without needing reminders or employee incentives. Automated prompting encourages diners to try new add-on items they usually wouldn’t order. Millennials and technology fans will flock to technology friendly establishments  every time a choice is presented.

Enhanced order customization and accuracy

Sometimes customers have complicated requests to to special needs or personal curiosities. Employees may need to enter several items and do a lot of clicking between various screens, this is an invitation to make mistakes. A self-order kiosk gives people the chance to see a full list of modifiers and make more informed buying decisions. The customers orders are accurate every time.

Money saved

Kiosks don not eliminate workers. Self ordering and automated ordering systems enable  business owners the flexibility to redistribute  employee responsibilities. Purchases will come in quickly, and staff must be there to handle the rush.