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JJlist is a free site to use and what they insist on conveying is that JJlist is truly the only place you need to connect with friends, find a great deal and of course check out what to do or where to go. Why would you want to go from one site to another and in the end not really get everything you wanted? Another stated mission from the JJlist team is that they are there to provide the value and benefits one should expect from a social business directory. You can register as an individual, which could be followed by listing your favorite places or the places one should avoid. They have a saying; “Love them, Hate them, List them, Rate them!”

In the event that you are a business owner, you will find that the free listing you obtain by registering or claiming it on JJlist.com is quite robust and effective. They use specific algorithms to connect your business with locals that would be interested; plus from time to time will offer you some really great placements in the social media aspect of their program. Next is where it gets exciting for the business owners currently registered. By accessing their immense network of strategic partnerships registered users can get free or dramatically reduced Social Media and marketing services. The idea here is that by connecting with services you normally use in the course of doing business, JJlist will allow you to see a tremendous offset in your marketing and media expenses.

The solutions put forth by JJlist.com are specific to a certain type of Website. For example, Yelp has had a strange but firm hold on businesses; especially the small to midsized ones for quite some time. JJlist has responded to this by developing a proprietary process for owners to address customer concerns as well as offer good faith remedies to cure the situation. Now we understand that there will always be someone unhappy with a product or service. However, if the business owner has taken steps to improve themselves then this should be noted. In essence, it’s fair to say that JJlist is here to make the world a better place for the consumer and the merchant.

When it comes to Facebook, JJlist seems to have distilled the most fun and user friendly aspects available and taken away all convoluted picking and poking that gets in the way; this is why you are there in the first place. The users of JJlist have lauded its purist approach to the experience as refreshing. To give yet another example of how JJlist is poised to change the landscape of business marketing, take note of their offering (to standard and premium clients) a “daily deals” function such as Groupon. Unlike that of the competitor sites where 50% of the revenue is a fee for the service, JJlist offers this for free. Above that, they guide the merchants to successfully evolve those buyers into lifetime customers.

Some have said that this is a clear case of David verse Goliath, however if you ask the team over at JJlist.com they will agree with one addition, David would be holding a machine gun. There is no doubt in the resolve put forth from the interns all the way to the ownership that this game changer has and will continue to define excellence and relevancy for the discerning user. They also want to be clear that just because they are taking the time to celebrate the launch they are already hard at work on version 2.0. The look, the feel and user experience is projected to be extremely intuitive and fresh, early previews of the upcoming release by industry insiders have ears ringing in today’s ivory palaces and sound like they are poised to topple some of the industry’s biggest players from their current position.

JJlist.com has been so successful and is so confident in their services that they are offering a 100% money back guarantee, their process is simple and direct as you would expect from a top level business solution firm, they state that once you give their solution guru 45 minutes and you agree on an expected cost of new client acquisition that JJlist will bring you the agreed amount of clients or you will receive a full refund.