09 Jul: UCommerce

Short for Universal Commerce, UCommerce is the intersection of online, kiosk, and in-store payment enablement, incorporating social media and near-field communications….

09 Jul: Transaction

Any event that causes a change in an organization’s financial position or net worth, resulting from normal activity. Advance of funds,…

09 Jul: Third-Party Processing

Processing of transactions by service providers acting under contract to card issuers or acquirers. First Data is a third-party processor.

09 Jul: Submission

The process of sending batch deposits to Merchant Services for processing. This may be done electronically or by mail.

09 Jul: Start Up Kit

Supplies shipped to new merchants including sales slips, credit slips, batch header tickets, return envelopes, VISA/MasterCard decals, merchant plastics, imprinter slugs…

09 Jul: Smart Card

A plastic card resembling traditional credit or debit cards that contains a computer chip; the chip is capable of storing significantly…