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Business Specialist

Business Specialist

As a business specialist your goal is to introduce and sell ATHC services to small to mid-sized business owners. It all starts with our subscription based flat rate merchant services. We provide training, but if you are familiar with the credit card processing industry, you will immediately see the benefits of our pass through pricing structure. You are selling service and added value, not rate. Unlimited earning potential. Positions available across the country. Proven performers can quickly advance to a management position.


  • Competitive commissions and monthly bonus incentives
  • Stock options and awards

ATHC enables small to mid-sized business owners to compete with retail and online conglomerates!

ATHC specializes in flat rate pricing for merchant services, alternative lending, marketing and customer engagement. Utilizing the most innovative proprietary cloud based disruptive technology platforms, the Company provides affordable full service end to end business solutions for small to mid-sized businesses in retail, e-commerce and mobile environments.