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About us


Accelerated Technologies Holding Corporation, a technologically driven enterprise, with offices in New York, Florida, and Eastern Europe, our firm shines when it comes to conceptualizing inspired and inventive business models, branding, powerful direct response platforms and ingenious strategies. We are a group of veteran experts and visionaries from most major industries. We are stubborn and determined. We are a FinTech company with the human touch, a proven model, and a very big agenda. We are entrepreneurs.

Our staff, consultants and advisers are made up of visionaries, bankers, data scientists, cyber security experts, artists, developers, strategists, and specialists in digital evolution. We have the experience and expertise necessary for conceiving new and innovative solutions that enable us to compete and pioneer strategies, empowering our distribution network to retain existing customers and exponentially acquire new relationships.

In 2020 our staff swiftly pivoted strategies towards health and wellness, enabling us to create a new vertical, extending The Network’s offerings and enhancing revenue. We are aiding people and businesses during the pandemic crisis with instruments and technologies in what will be essential to the new normalcies. Our goals are steppingstones and never destinations.

We are reimagining, originating, streamlining, and implementing innovation for successful progression. Our business solutions will evolve as The Network continues to deliver enterprise level, affordable operational enhancement, and efficiencies to local businesses. We will always be in David’s corner while battling Goliath.


Harry Falkenburg
President/Ceo/Director of Risk and Capital Markets
Igor Kogan
Chief Information Officer
Andrew Roberts
Director of Business Development

Board of Directors

Harry Falkenburg
President/Ceo/Director of Risk and Capital Markets
Igor Kogan
Chief Information Officer

Advisory Board

Stephanie Wooten
Financial Services Executive
Kent M. Swig
Real Estate, Property Management, Travel & Leasure
Gary Levi
Government Relations
Wayne M. Greenwald
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