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Accelerated Technologies Holding Corporation, (OTC PINK: ATHC) and Miami, Florida Based BeMotion Inc. A Technology Company That Developed The Law Enforcement Network (LEN) Platform Agree To Deliver Ai Weapons Detection

New York, NY., August 2nd, 2022–(Accelerated Technologies Holding Corporation. (the “Company” or “Accelerated”) (OTC PINK: ATHC), expands to public safety technologies. The deal with BeMotion Inc. and its Law Enforcement Network (LEN) will facilitate means for expedited deployment of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning weapon detection technologies in a joint effort to alleviate if not eliminate loss of life. ATHC is a FinTech holding company that provides business services for SMBs and SMEs, and owns, and operates disruptive technology products in the sectors of artificial intelligence, short-term alternative funding platforms, traditional electronic and cryptocurrency payment solutions, social engagement, health, and wellness, and public safety solutions.


Weapon detection technologies are not a recent innovation and have been available for over a decade. Uniquely, the Ai-driven real-time anomaly detection via machine learning and real-time responsive algorithms are new. As a SaaS offering, without additional hardware upgrades, existing surveillance systems are empowered to detect weapons and notify LEN. Broadcasting provides real-time active shooter assessment and additional layers of safety for law enforcement.

As a priority, the technology will be available for deployment to schools and universities first. Deployment to stadiums, mass transit hubs, airports, government offices, SMBs, SMEs, corporate offices, national franchises, and densely populated public hubs will follow.


“We will no longer tolerate mass shootings and the senseless loss of life, especially children. In conjunction with BeMotion, we intend to restore our rights to enjoy education, travel, shopping, and entertainment, without threat. ATHC is not shifting from FinTech, we are adding additional value.” Said Harry Falkenburg, Chief Executive Officer of ATHC


The technology does not violate privacy and will be available worldwide. ATHC will begin deploying domestically first. The U.S. has approximately 85 million active surveillance cameras. In addition to weapon detection, the technology identifies smoke, fire, and various other forms of crisis.


“With the urgent need to restore public safety, we are pleased with the opportunity to leverage our respective unique capabilities and combine our strengths. We anticipate venturing into numerous verticals with ATHC”. Said, Alex Lemberg, CEO of BeMotion, Inc.




SOURCE: Accelerated Technologies Holding Corporation.


For further information, please contact the company at info@athcorp.com


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About Accelerated Technologies Holding Corporation (OTC PINK: ATHC)


Accelerated Technologies Holding Corporation (OTC PINK: ATHC) is a publicly traded holding company. Via ATHC brands and affiliates, it provides business services for SMBs and is a full-service end-to-end business solution and technology company specializing in cloud-based disruptive technologies. ATHC provides consulting and enterprise-level technology services and operates disruptive technology products in artificial intelligence sectors, short-term alternative funding platforms, electronic payment solutions, cryptocurrency payment solutions, social engagement, health, and wellness solutions, business financing, and Ai-driven marketing platforms. ATHC’s expertise lies in consumer Internet, cloud computing and software-as-a-service (SaaS), mobile software and services, software-powered consumer electronics, infrastructure and applications software, networking, storage, databases, and other backend systems. ATHC’s infrastructure can accommodate most business sectors, from small local businesses to national conglomerates.




ROMPOS, an exemplary all-in-one solution automates and digitizes workflows intended to enable small businesses to increase efficiencies, quality control, customer satisfaction, brand recognition, and maximize bottom lines. ROMPOS has been tested in fast-paced quick serve environments and is capable to accommodate small businesses in retail, online and mobile environments. ROMPOS Command Center provides management and staff all-in-one access and controls over inventories, sales, staff management, analytics, payments, working capital, micro-targeted marketing, online sales, and gamification.


For ROMPOS, we intend to sign a significant number of strategic resellers. We will be engaging business service providers with portfolios primarily in the sectors of payment processing, and alternative lending. Q3, 2022



About KashOnDemand


KashOnDemand delivers access for small businesses to sustainable financing 24/7. Ai-driven underwriting with Bi gathered via ROMPOS will enable merchants to fund purchase orders, receivables, expansion, and refinance alternative debt at favorable rates. The microfinancing product fills the much-needed gap between traditional banking inefficiencies and the draconian rates merchants pay for Merchant Cash Advances. Business owners nationwide will dynamically prequalify for financing and be funded within one hour during banking hours. ATHC’s tech team is currently working on version 2 and intends to offer 24/7 funding via utilizing cryptocurrencies and exchanges.  Version 1 is anticipated to launch in Q1 2023.



About ShieldMost

Shield Most is a health, wellness, media platform, and public safety technology. A public safety solution that delivers local, remote, single, and multi-channel technologies for automated and manned temperature screening, surveillance, and access control conveniently and safely. We expand market share, and ShieldMost intends to launch a media platform for its IOS and Android tablets.



About InstaMaven


InstaMaven is a mobile application that allows professionals and hobbyists to monetize their skills, knowledge, and experience by connecting them with people seeking such services and advice, instantly, online and on demand. The platform enables a broad spectrum of services to be rendered in a safe and secure environment. Tutors, chefs, bartenders, plumbers, dog walkers, you name it will be able to earn extra income while helping others at discounted rates. Instamaven charges a percentage of the collected funds. The platform has been in beta for approximately 18 months. Forms of payment are all major credit and debit cards, bank transfers and crypto will be accepted. Our own Accelerated Coin is highly probable. ATHC intends to launch InstaMaven in a limited capacity in Q2, 2023.





About BeMotion Inc: www.bemotioninc.com


Established in 2017, it Developed and launched the award-winning mobile digital marketing and payments (MCN Platform), the intelligent vending machines www.dcnvending.com (DCN), and the Law Enforcement Network Platform www.lenplatform.com (LEN) BeMotion Inc. is a privately-owned company with offices in Toronto, Dubai, and Amman.


About LEN Platform: www.lenplatform.com


A subsidiary of BeMotion, the LEN platform will allow the public to notify local law enforcement & security agencies to submit violations in real-time. The in-hand app improves the safety of the public and the enforcement agents in the field. LEN A.I. Technology detects weapons as soon as they are visible on camera, flagging threats before shots are fired.LEN62 concealed weapons Detection is a Very high-performance camera to provide safe distance, walk-through entrance security screening for multiple lanes of visitors.


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