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Accelerated Technologies Holding Corporation ( OTC Markets: “ATHC“), is a publicly traded full-service end-to-end business solution and technology company that specializes in cloud-based disruptive technologies. ATHC provides consulting and enterprise-level technology services and operates products in the sectors of artificial intelligence, short-term alternative funding platforms, electronic payment solutions, social engagement, health and wellness solutions.

ATHC’s expertise lies in consumer Internet, cloud computing and software-as-a-service (SaaS), mobile software and services, software-powered consumer electronics, infrastructure and applications software, networking, storage, databases and other backend systems. ATHC’s infrastructure can accommodate most business sectors ranging from small local business to national conglomerates.

ATHC, through subsidiaries and strategic affiliates, identifies, develops and digitizes solutions for common day to day pain points faced by business operators. The Company’s area of expertise includes payment solutions,  A.I. driven business efficiencies and performance based micro targeted marketing technologies  and health and wellness technologies solutions. The company is currently developing on demand delivery platforms that enable merchants to transact at more sustainable rates, alternatives for short term business financing and social engagement platforms. As the customer base of ATHC continues to expand, ATHC will add other mandated functionalities to its closed loop systems.

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